Enjoy an Unforgettable Meal at These Unique Restaurants in Houston

Order a delicious meal and enjoy the scenery at these unique restaurants in Houston.

Houston has an incredible breadth of restaurants throughout the city. You can try everything from quick “grab and go” meals to elegant, multi-course dining experiences just around the corner from Tiburon Apartments. However, sometimes it’s fun to enjoy something out of the ordinary too. Explore some unique restaurants in Houston that provide truly one-of-a-kind eating experiences this weekend. Here are a few places that celebrate a distinctive dining style in Houston:

Hobbit Cafe

Tucked away in the Upper Kirby area of Houston, the Hobbit Cafe captures the imagination of the novel and subsequent movies for which it was named, too. The restaurant is built around a beautiful old oak tree, and it has been celebrating the world of hobbits since 1972. Casual and adorned with movie paraphernalia, the Hobbit Cafe boasts a wide-ranging menu with themed sandwiches such as the “Gandalf.” Also, try “Smaug’s Delight” and other house favorites.

Rainbow Lodge

Making its home in a historic 100-year-old log cabin, Rainbow Lodge is one of the most picturesque restaurants in the area. Indeed, it combines both rustic and modern touches. Rainbow Lodge makes guests feel like they are a world away. Enjoy the decks that overlook the White Oak Bayou and soft lighting in the interior dining spaces. The food is equally enchanting with a mix of wild game and seafood. The menu includes pan-roasted pheasant and grilled North American Elk chops.

Peli Peli Galleria

Offering a taste of the comfort foods of South Africa, Peli Peli Galleria is a great spot to enjoy great food in a unique setting. This branch of the small Peli Peli chain is not only a feast for the taste buds. It’s a feast for the eyes, too. A domed ceiling covers the main dining area. It includes a one-of-a-kind lighting display that sets the tone for this impressive dining experience. The food menu includes many delicious South African dishes such as the Great Karoo lamb chops and Durban butter chicken.

Find More Unique Restaurants in Houston

Tiburon Apartments offers easy access to the many attractions that Houston has, including these unique restaurants and more. If you have a pet, also check out these dog-friendly bars in the area. Please contact us for more information.

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