Go on a Texan Adventure at Escape Hunt

Group of friends trying to solve a puzzle in an escape room

What is there to do for fun in Houston? Where can you find an adventure that features the best of the Wild West? Adventure exists just around the corner from Tiburon Apartments. No one can ever say that Texans don’t have pride in their home state. Escape Hunt, a local escape room complex located just half an hour away, has puzzle rooms built around Texas history and culture. They include:

Theft of the Texas Lone Star

Did you know that Sam Houston was the first president of the Texas Republic? You, and your group of players, who are all detectives, find out that the museum for Sam Houston has been broken into. The thieves have taken the original Texas Lone Star created in 1836. Your group of detectives must recover the artifacts within the 60-minute time limit or the Lone Star will be lost forever. Be prepared to crack codes, solve puzzles, and follow clues to recover the star. You are a Texan, and this your duty!

Houston, We’ve Had a Problem

Based on the Apollo 13 lunar mission, this Escape Hunt puzzle room takes you back to 1970. People call the mission a successful failure because the astronauts never made it to the moon but still defied the odds by making it safely back home. 

Your group of six to 12 players work in the control room for the Apollo 13 mission, Now, it is your job to guide the craft back to earth safely and with everyone still alive. You will be working under pretty intense pressure, but you must help them get back alive or risk changing history forever. You will use your teamwork, problem-solving, and puzzle skills to bring the team back to their families.

Escape Hunt is a great place to go out with friends and family for an evening of fun. There are many places like this one in the Houston area. Also, you can enjoy plenty of November events in Houston when you want a fun evening out. Please contact us for your free tour of our community. We will enjoy helping you make Tiburon your new home.

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