Sip the Best Vietnamese Coffee in Houston

Vietnamese coffee on a restaurant table with food in the background

Do you like to kick off your morning with a strongly caffeinated beverage? Then try a cup of Vietnamese coffee. Typically brewed slowly in a phin (a small metal cup that fits over a mug), it resembles a thicker, more caffeinated espresso. If this sounds good, visit one of these restaurants near Tiburon Apartments, where […]

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Enjoy an Afternoon of Disc Golf in Houston

Do you want to try one of the fastest-growing sports in America? Then enjoy an afternoon of disc golf at some of the best courses near Tiburon Apartments. This exciting game is where players throw a disc toward a target. The rules are similar to those of traditional golf, and players strive to complete the course in […]

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Enjoy a Night of Food and Fun at a Houston Dinner Theater

Couple guessing answers at a dinner theater show

Are you looking for a night filled with mystery and intrigue? Then visit a local Houston dinner theater near Tiburon Apartments. You can spend the evening feasting on a three- or four-course dinner while figuring out “whodunit!” The Dinner Detective  At The Dinner Detective, anyone can be a part of the show. The performance starts […]

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