1751 Sea and Bar: A Perfect Spot for Date Night

Enjoy delicious seafood and a gin and tonic at 1751 Sea and Bar.

High-quality seafood, prime meats, and handcrafted cocktails—this sounds like the perfect combination for a great date! A new Houston restaurant called 1751 Sea and Bar offers these enticing specialties. Also, the restaurant is just around the corner from Tiburon Apartments and has a comfortable, modern appeal that your date is sure to appreciate. The Mission […]

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Enjoy an Unforgettable Meal at These Unique Restaurants in Houston

Order a delicious meal and enjoy the scenery at these unique restaurants in Houston.

Houston has an incredible breadth of restaurants throughout the city. You can try everything from quick “grab and go” meals to elegant, multi-course dining experiences just around the corner from Tiburon Apartments. However, sometimes it’s fun to enjoy something out of the ordinary too. Explore some unique restaurants in Houston that provide truly one-of-a-kind eating experiences […]

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Mexican, Mediterranean, or Italian? 3 Award-Winning Restaurants in Houston

award-winning restaurants in Houston from tiburon apartments

So much more than just dinner, these three restaurants offer a true fine-dining experience! Visit one of these award-winning restaurants in Houston to satisfy your hunger in style. All you have to do is decide what you’d like to eat for dinner: Mexican, Mediterranean, or Italian? All three of these award-winning restaurants are an easy […]

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