Stay Connected from the Comfort of Your Home

woman joinging a virtual fitness class with friends online

Sometimes in our lives we get so caught up in work and our daily tasks that we forget to invest some of our time in the people in our lives. It can be easy to forget to return that phone call, miss a birthday, miss an anniversary in the midst of our busy lives. Here are some ways you can stay connected and reconnect in your Tiburon Apartments home.

Virtual Calls

Video calls have been happening everywhere. People are rediscovering apps that have been around for so long to celebrate birthdays, catch up with old friends, and maybe have a drink after a long day of working from home. The app Zoom has been widely known for virtual business meetings, and still is, but many families and friends have turned to it to stay connected and for virtual happy hours. It makes it more personal than a phone call by being able to see everyone on video. Another commonly used app, Houseparty, has the similar face time with friends and incorporates different games that you can play with the people on the call.

Netflix Parties

Aside from all the virtual happy hours you can host and games you can play, you can relax with your family and friends too. Netflix has created a Netflix Party option. This option lets you watch shows and movies at the same time as your friends where you can pause at any time and everyone can make comments as you watch. Instead of catching up on what happened in the newest episode the next day, try watching it together virtually.

Virtual Group Classes

Another fun way to stay connected can also include staying active together. There are a few ways you can find some virtual fitness classes that you can do with friends and family. You can find some Facebook groups that host Zumba and yoga classes on the same days and times each week. There are at-home fitness classes being put on by fitness centers and gyms at the same time each day. All of these set times allowing you to jump on with friends and family and holding each other accountable. Even if you are not into fitness, it is fun to try something new with a friend.

Tiburon Apartments gives you all the necessary comfort and space for these tips to stay connected. Contact us today for more info or browse our blog for more fun things to do.

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