Grab a Pint at Social Beer Garden

Try one of the several dozen beers on tap at Social Beer Garden!

It’s always fun to try new beers, and breweries in Texas have been creating a lot of interesting craft beers lately. Luckily, the area around Tiburon Apartments is also home to a new beer garden where you can sample them all and expand your palate. Social Beer Garden is a true beer-lovers’ paradise and a place you definitely need to visit with friends this weekend.

About Social Beer Garden

Step into Social Beer Garden, and you’ll be greeted by brick walls, stacks of beer cans, and a wall that could not be more full of taps. But you can find the prime attraction outside. In the fenced-in beer garden, you can grab a seat in the grass or relax at a barrel-style table. The area is lit by strings of white lights. There are even a few hammocks where you can really kick back and relax.

If you happen to visit on a rainy day, you can still find plenty to do inside. Play darts, shoot some pool, or chat about beer with the knowledgeable bartenders. 

The Beer Selection

Most bars have a row of beer taps. Social Beer Garden has five rows, stacked on top of each other. Whether you like stouts, IPA, wheat beers, or Scotch ales, you’ll find plenty to choose from. They carry selections from Lagunitas, Three Weav3ers, 8th Wonder Brewery, Austin Beerworks, Galveston Island Brewery, and more. If they don’t have it on tap, they have it in their huge can room! If you want to sample something, just ask. The bartenders are happy to offer samples.

Social Beer Garden often has food trucks come visit, so you can dine on some local snacks while you sip your beer. You can always have food Doordashed to the brewery, too!

Houston has plenty of fun places to try new beers and spend an evening out with friends. When you’re in more of a coffee mood, head to Uncle Bean’s Coffee. If you’re looking for an apartment nearby, please contact us to learn more about our community.

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