Chimac Serves Amazing Chicken Wings and Barbecue

Go to Chimac for wings for dinner or your next party.

Maybe you’ve heard you can only get good chicken wings in Buffalo. That’s a total myth! An awesome new spot for chicken wings just opened near Tiburon Apartments. Called Chimac, this casual restaurant specializes in wings and barbecue. The Atmosphere Chimac is a fast-casual restaurant with a setup that has you order at the counter, […]

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Stay Cool with the Best Frozen Drinks in Houston

Try fun frozen drinks in Houston this weekend.

There are few better ways to beat the heat than with a fun frozen drink. The area around Tiburon Apartments has some great places around the city that offer some innovative frozen concoctions. If you’re looking for the best frozen drinks in Houston, here are a few spots worth visiting: Eight Row Flint Located in […]

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Try a New Sushi Roll at Kubo’s Sushi & Washoku

Enjoy sushi and Wagyu beef at Kubo's Sushi & Washoku.

If you love sushi, then you know how exciting it is to visit and try a new sushi place. A fun new place to try in Houston is Kubo’s Sushi & Washoku. The word “washoku” refers collectively to Japanese food, and as this suggests, the restaurant serves a wide array of delicious Japanese dishes, including […]

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