Enjoy Fun November Events in Houston

Two people enjoying a fall festival for November in Houston and holding pumpkins in the air

In Houston, the city’s residents celebrate annual events packed with enjoyable activities. There’s something for everyone near Tiburon Apartments. Every week there are fun cultural events, fairs, and shows. Here are some memorable November events in Houston to add to your calendar.

Puerto Rican & Cuban Festival: November 2

This exciting festival celebrates the deeply rooted cultures of the Puerto Rican and Cuban communities living in Houston. Each year, the celebrations at the Puerto Rican & Cuban Festival educate their audience in a friendly and festive environment. The festival features art and crafts, souvenirs, music, dance, food vendors, and car shows. There are three tiers of restaurants where you can enjoy authentic food and beverages. The festival also welcomes other Spanish and Caribbean ethnic organizations, which makes the fest a unique and entertaining experience.

Night Market: November 8

The Asia Society Texas Center is hosting Night Market, a fun festival and shopping event for Houston’s night owls. The event will have a Japanese-style carnival, a beer garden, and live music. You can also shop for home goods, art, clothing, and delicious food from local vendors all night long.

Fascination Street Flea: November 10

If you are interested in unique art and vintage finds, you’ll want to check out the Fascination Street Flea. This curated, recurring monthly event features some of the best local artists, artisans, and vintage vendors that Houston has to offer. Also, entry is free, and you never know what sort of treasure you might find.

So, these are some of the great November events in Houston that you can enjoy as a resident of our apartments in Houston, Texas. Also, for a more casual evening out, head to these restaurants with game night options! To learn more about our community, contact us, and we will schedule a private tour of our apartments.

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