Shop for the Finest International Ingredients at Phoenicia Specialty Foods

A woman buying specialty deli ingredients from Phoenicia Specialty Foods

An easy drive from Tiburon Apartments is Houston’s one-stop international food destination. This store features more than 10,000 products from over 50 countries. We’re talking about Phoenicia Specialty Foods, where visitors can find everything from boutique wines to exotic spices.

About Phoenicia Specialty Foods

The market began from modest beginnings in 1983 when Bob and Arpi Tcholakian opened a Mediterranean-style deli. They later added hard-to-find specialty items, and this new grocery section was an instant hit. To keep up with the demand, the couple built a 55,000-square-foot market across from the deli.


As shoppers enjoy a culinary adventure around the world, they discover departments such as:


The cheese department boasts that it’s reinventing the wheel. It offers a selection not found anywhere else, including the Touma Village Syrian Cheese. This is the oldest cheese known to man. Each variety of cheese has its own distinct shape and flavor characteristics. Choices include aged cheddar, brie, and mozzarella.

Bakery & Confections 

Phoenicia boasts more sweet treats per square foot than most other markets. The bakers specialize in European and Middle Eastern recipes. Also, they make everything from scratch using the finest, freshest ingredients. The department is also famous for its pita bread conveyor belt. The belt serves piping hot loaves into customers’ hands, and the bakers call it the “Willy Wonka Factory of Pita”.

Prepared Foods 

If you want to enjoy a quick, easy dinner, stop by the prepared foods department. The chefs make the dishes daily and offer everything from savory appetizers to hearty entrees. Choices include African salad, slow-roasted lamb shank, and herb-crusted salmon. 

Learn More About Phoenicia Specialty Foods

Phoenicia is just one of the specialty food stores near our apartments in Houston. If you love French food but you don’t want to cook, check out these French bistros in the area. Also, if you’re searching for a place to call home, please contact us. We will gladly arrange a tour where you can see everything we have to offer. 

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