Bite into a Delicious Gourmet Hot Dog in Houston

gourmet hot dog in Houston

Hot dogs seem to be taking the spotlight on the culinary scene in cities around the country, and the area near Tiburon Apartments is no exception. No longer reserved for a quick addition to a barbecue, the hot dog has been elevated to gourmet status in some restaurants. For the best gourmet dogs around Houston, here are a few spots to try:

Good Dog Houston

With two storefronts as well as a food truck, Good Dog Houston makes it easy to find a great gourmet hot dog around the city. Using locally-sourced ingredients as well as making condiments from scratch, this casual food eatery prides itself on delivering the highest quality products. The menu is extensive and includes a variety of items such as the “Chicky Chicky Parm Parm” and the “Holy Smoked Hot Wings.” The hot dogs, however, are the main event with house specialties such as the “Guac-A-Dog,” the “Benedict Franklin” and the “Fried Corny Dog.”

Moon Tower Inn

Located in the Second Ward, Moon Tower Inn describes itself as a “coolshack and sudworks” place. The decor includes a shipping container and a large covered patio. So Moon Tower Inn is about as laid-back and casual as a restaurant can get! In addition to a massive wall filled with over 60 beer taps, the restaurant has become famous for its mouth-watering menu items. These include everything from sandwiches to burgers. It has also gained a following for its renowned wild game weiners. The selection includes duck, wild boar, and lamb.

JCI Grill

Open since 1923, JCI Grill is a Houston landmark when it comes to serving hot dogs. The restaurant hearkens back to the famous franks from Coney Island. JCI Grill has a chain of fast-casual hot dog restaurants in and around Houston. The menu is extensive and includes a legacy menu as well as numerous gourmet and classic hot dogs. Some customer favorites include the “Cheese Coney,” the “BBQ Slaw,” and the “Chili Cheese Footlong”.

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