Catch These Free Ongoing Art Events in Houston

Spend your spring at these free ongoing art events in Houston!

Recently we discussed several free ongoing events happening near Tiburon Apartments. Would you believe there were so many opportunities that we had to create a separate list just for the art-related ones? Stop by these free ongoing art events in Houston.

New Monuments for New Cities: February 24 – April 30

Envisioned as a “coalition of visionary North American industrial reuse projects that are transforming underutilized infrastructure into new urban landscapes,” the New Monuments for New Cities exhibition seeks to redefine what parks can be. Since the beginning of the event, this series of art pieces has traveled from Austin to Chicago to Toronto. It seeks to confront the viewer with what it means to “monumentalize” a person or idea in a single moment of time. 

Tom Loeser: Please Please Please: February 24 – May 12

Please Please Please is a traveling display of Tom Loeser’s furniture and paper-based artworks. This exhibit challenges the viewer to see their daily habits from another perspective in a fun and interactive manner. Also, it encourages discussion about etiquette and body posture. It asks us to consider how our lives might be different if the furniture we use was different, too. Also on display are Loeser’s pyrographs and cyanotype prints. Accessible to all ages and walks of life, this is one display you won’t want to miss.

April Strahan Open Studio: March 9 – November 9

April Strahan is an extraordinarily talented local artist whose motto is “A Little Art for Everyone.” Her goal is to make original art less exclusionary. On the second Tuesday of every month, she offers her Open Art Studio, an opportunity to browse¬†a stunning range of empowering and emotive art styles available at all sizes. Also, the show sells art at affordable prices to promote accessibility. Stop by to witness a blossoming artist’s talent on the ground floor.

These are just a few of the many wonderful activities available near Tiburon Apartments. After you stop by these art events, treat yourself to a delicious piece of chocolate from these specialty shopsContact us anytime to schedule a tour or learn more about our amazing community.

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