Explore Czech Center Museum Houston from Home

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The Czech Center Museum Houston is a fascinating destination that highlights those who left their home countries to come to America. It’s dedicated to preserving “art, culture, and history” and is proud to be one of the city’s 18 fine museums. You can explore the center’s art collection during a virtual tour. Here are some of the artists you can discover from our apartments in Houston:

Alphonse Mucha 

Best known as the father of the Art Nouveau movement, Alphonse Mucha created many of his notable pieces between 1895 and 1902. His illustration skills helped him earn attention early in his career. Today, people love Alphonse’s paintings for their intricate detail and the charming feminine style. They hang in museums around the world. 

Kamil Kubik

Born in Czechoslovakia in 1930, Kamil Kubik defected to the United States 18 years later. He enjoyed painting outdoors. Kamil created popular cityscapes and street scenes. Also, he was the White House artist while President George H.W. Bush was in office. His images appeared on the White House Christmas cards in 1991 and 1992, and the Bush family owns some of his works. 

Manufacturer Chodovia Klenci

Nestled in the southwestern region of the Czech Republic, Chodsko is famous for its Bohemian folk art pottery. Its people have preserved their customs for generations, and they still make their traditional pottery today. One of the museum’s pieces includes a hand-painted plate produced by Chodovia Klenci. Created in 1896, it features various flowers with red poppies taking center stage. The company’s richly decorated plates were never used in the kitchen, only for decorative purposes. 

As you virtually tour the Czech Center Museum Houston, enjoy a gourmet grilled cheese sandwich from a nearby restaurant. If you would like to become a resident of our Houston apartments, then please contact us. We’d love for you to see firsthand all that Tiburon has to offer.

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