Enjoy the Colorful Blooms at the Mercer Botanic Gardens

Botanic garden with larkspurs

Are you looking to spend a fun-filled day outdoors? Then head to the Mercer Botanic Gardens. Just 22 minutes from Tiburon Apartments, this nationally recognized destination is home to the region’s largest collection of native and cultivated plants.


In the late 1940s, avid horticulturist Thelma Mercer and her husband, Charles, bought a nearly fifteen-acre tract of natural land along Cypress Creek. She planted dozens of dogwoods and hawthorns, as well as large camellias that are still seen in the central gardens. When the couple decided to retire, Harris County purchased the land with the promise that it would be maintained as an educational facility for the public’s enjoyment. 


Mercer features over 25 gardens and collections. It’s in bloom year-round, with highlights including:


Also planted by Thelma,  ginkgo trees date back 270 million years. They were rediscovered in China in 1691, and came to the United States 100 years later. These trees are one of the most distinct of all deciduous trees. They’re easily identified by their unique, fan-shaped leaves, which turn a vibrant shade of yellow in the fall. 

Louisiana Iris 

Featuring strikingly unique blooms, Louisiana irises boasts a diverse range of colors. They come in an array of shades, such as rust, purple, and blue. Their flowers grow between three and seven inches across and are in all their glory in the early spring.


A cottage garden staple, larkspurs add gracefulness to any setting. They feature stalks of blue flowers and bloom in the spring when most other plants are still weeks away. Early colonists brought larkspurs to the United States, and they quickly reach three feet in height in just one season. 

If you would like to live near the Mercer Botanic Gardens and other unique attractions, then please contact us. We would love to show you firsthand all that our apartments in Houston have to offer. 

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