Enjoy Online Drawing Classes in Houston

man taking online drawing classes in Houston during the evening

Whether you are an accomplished artist or just a beginner, taking an art class is a great way to learn a new style, grasp the basics, and gain a lifelong hobby. With these drawing classes in Houston, you can now learn how to draw right from your Houston apartment.

Honey Art Cafe

Drawing is a great way to delve into art. You don’t need a lot of supplies and you can do it almost anywhere. Now you can take online drawing classes from Honey Art Cafe over Facebook live. From animals to anime, you can learn how to draw a wide range of subjects and styles. If you have access to more art supplies, they also have classes that use watercolor, brush pen, and other tools. They will announce which classes require additional materials before they start. Their classes are offered on various days of the week at noon, with some additional classes at 1pm.

Houston Community College

If you are new to the world of drawing or want a more in-depth class, consider taking “Drawing for the Absolutely Beginner”, an online course offered by Houston Community College. This course will teach you all the basics, including styles and techniques of drawing, as well as tools and paper types. You’ll also learn the foundations of perspective, layout, and design. This course spans six weeks, with 24 hours of active teaching. This is a great option if you have time on your hands and you want a more structured learning environment.

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