Enjoy Cuisine from These Houston Mexican Restaurants

taco salad from one of the Houston Mexican restaurants offering curbside pickup

With so many four- and five-star Mexican restaurants near your Houston apartment, try out these eateries with their pickup and/or delivery options.

Julias Mexican Restaurant

Whether it’s for lunch or dinner, Julias Mexican Restaurant has endless amount of options to satisfy your cravings. They also offer family pack meals so you can order in bulk for your family takeout night. You won’t be disappointed with their fresh avocado guacamole.

Teotihuacan Mexican Café

“Teo” for short, has a few different locations in the Houston area and is widely popular. This local restaurant allows you to bring their homemade tortillas and extensive list of menu items into your Houston apartment. This restaurant also gives an affordable option with their $10 “build-a-meal” deal and lunch specials. Check out the Teotihuacan Mexican Café Facebook page for updates and access to their website.

El Tiempo Cantina

From brunch to dinner options, El Tiempo Cantina has an extensive menu with many locations in the area. With family recipes passed down from generation to generation, the food will not disappoint. You can order for pickup or delivery to your Houston apartment home. Don’t forget to take a dessert to go, or some Mexican hot chocolate.

Lopez Mexican Restaurant

The Lopez family has been serving Houston traditional Mexican cuisines since 1978. Since then, they have expanded their Lopez Mexican Restaurant and added another location. With their new addition, they have curbside pickup available and endless menu options for you to take to your Houston apartment home. Don’t forget to check out their Family Triumph Trays if you’re ordering for a group.

The list of different Mexican-style eateries goes on. With extensive menus and many locations, it is easy to satisfy your cravings locally or in your Houston apartment while you read a good book. Contact us for more information or a virtual tour today!

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