Celebrate Our City at the Houston Tamale Festival on December 1st

Houston Tamale Festival from Tiburon Apartments

On December 1st, get ready for an event that will enliven your taste buds. It’s the eighth annual Houston Tamale Festival! Come hungry, and be prepared to leave full and satisfied! The event is huge and sprawling with amazing food, great entertainment, and lots of great company. Thousands of attendees make for a lively, hopping […]

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Brushes Ready? 4 Unique Art Classes to Take in Houston

Classes to Take in Houston from Tiburon Apartments

Just because you’re out of school doesn’t mean there’s not more to learn. And now, you get to pick the classes! These four unique art classes to take in Houston span the traditional arts to the culinary arts, and they’re lots of fun. Get your pastry brushes, paint brushes, and digital brushes ready for these […]

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The 3 Best Bars for Watching the Houston Texans

Best Bars for Watching the Houston Texans

On game day, there’s nothing better than a cold beer, some hot wings, and a big television playing the game. Finding a local sports bar is almost as important as finding the right friends to watch with! Here are three of the best bars for watching the Houston Texans near Tiburon Apartments: Saint Danes Bar […]

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