Enjoy the Best Potstickers in Houston

Potstickers with duck served with soy sauce and sesame seeds

Did you know that potstickers date back to the Song Dynasty (960 to 1280 CE)? According to the stories, a chef started boiling regular dumplings. But he forgot, and the water boiled away. Today, this dish is a favorite around the world. If you would like to give it a try, visit one of these nearby restaurants where the chefs prepare some of the best potstickers in Houston near Tiburon Apartments.

Jinya Ramen Bar 

While Jinya Ramen Bar is best known for its ramen, it also serves an array of other delicious dishes. The chefs make everything from scratch, including the noodles. Their noodles are meticulously aged for three days to maximize flavor. Also, the restaurant features a modern atmosphere. It comes complete with dim lighting, wood accents, and authentic decor. Guests enjoy attentive service, and the waitstaff can suggest the perfect pairings. For dinner, enjoy the handmade pork potstickers with the caramelized cauliflower. 

The Blue Fish

A Texas favorite, The Blue Fish offers Asian-inspired dishes and uniquely crafted cocktails. It features a vibrant setting with neon lights and colorful murals. Also, it has televisions that show the big game. In the kitchen, the chefs start their day early to prepare the dishes from the finest, freshest ingredients. The crab potstickers are one of the most popular menu items, so make sure you try some! They feature pan-seared crab cakes and wasabi-infused mashed potatoes.

Rattan Pan-Asian Bistro 

Recognized by local publications, Rattan Pan-Asian Bistro is where owner Ron Chen is always creating something new. The restaurant features a tropical palette, and the main dining room has high-back booths and stained oak wood trim. Also, the servers know regulars by name, and Ron invites everyone to stay awhile. Enjoy the chicken potstickers with vegan fried rice. 

These are just a few of the restaurants near Tiburon Apartments that serve potstickers in Houston. You can also enjoy some of the best soft pretzels in town at these restaurants. If you’re considering calling our community home, then please contact us. Our leasing agents would love for you to see firsthand all we have to offer.

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