Find the Best Loaded Fries in Houston

Enjoy the best loaded French fries in Houston at these local restaurants.

French fries have become a staple throughout the country and are often served alongside everything from burgers to steaks. One of the latest trends, however, is to turn french fries into the main attraction by loading them with mouth-watering toppings. You don’t even have to go far from Tiburon Apartments to find them. For some of the best loaded fries in Houston, here are some places to try:

House of Fries

The name says it all at Houston’s House of Fries. This counter-serve spot focuses on using the highest quality ingredients to create customer favorites such as burgers and cheesesteaks, as well as breakfast tacos and burritos. The fries, of course, are the go-to item for many. Choose between over a dozen varieties to choose from or an array of ingredients to customize a loaded fries dish. House specialties include the hearty sausage gravy fries or the spicy chili cheese dog fries.

Urban Eats

With a motto of “feast+drink+love”, Urban Eats sets the tone for a great meal whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner. Urban Eats is a charming eatery with a bistro vibe. It has vibrant art pieces on the walls and rustic lighting throughout the space. Part marketplace and part cafe, this Washington Corridor restaurant delivers high-end comfort food including a selection of pommes frites such as the BBQ-inspired Mas! Mas! and the cheesy Bacon & Blue.

The Burger Joint

With two locations in Montrose and The Heights as well as a food truck, The Burger Joint makes it easy to locate some of the best fries around. A modern take on an old-fashioned hamburger stand, The Burger Joint specializes in classic American fare such as burgers and shakes. The perfect accompaniment is one of their delicious hand-cut fries varieties such as the Queso Fries or the Bacon-Parm Fries.

If you’re looking for a gourmet hot dog to go with your gourmet fries, swing by these hotdog restaurants and grab a delicious dish to go. High-end amenities and a stylish setting make Tiburon Apartments the perfect home in Houston. Please contact us to learn more and to set up a visit.

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