1751 Sea and Bar: A Perfect Spot for Date Night

Enjoy delicious seafood and a gin and tonic at 1751 Sea and Bar.

High-quality seafood, prime meats, and handcrafted cocktails—this sounds like the perfect combination for a great date! A new Houston restaurant called 1751 Sea and Bar offers these enticing specialties. Also, the restaurant is just around the corner from Tiburon Apartments and has a comfortable, modern appeal that your date is sure to appreciate.

The Mission

1751 Sea and Bar gets its name from the Gin Act of 1751. And indeed, gin is a favorite among the bartenders at this restaurant. They offer specialty gin cocktails and some of the best gin and tonic drinks in the city.

The restaurant aims to be an approachable spot where the friendly ambiance complements the food. Chat with others at the bar while you dine on shareable small plates. Alternatively, you can cozy up at a table and order a larger entree.

The Dinner Menu

Start your dinner with the signature 1751 Charcuterie Board, featuring salmon gravlax, scallop conserva, an array of pickles, and toasted bread. From there, move onto a small plate of steamed mussels or baked oysters.

On the entree list, you’ll find delicious seafood creations such as crispy snapper, redfish half shell, and seared scallops. Not in the mood for seafood? The ribeye comes topped with burgundy-roasted maitake mushrooms for a truly indulgent meal. Also, the veggie pasta is loaded with flavor from smoked tomatoes and grilled broccoli.

The Cocktail Menu

Whether you love gin, tequila, or rum, the cocktail menu has something for you. Try the Storm’s End, an apricot-based cocktail with a hint of tarragon, or the Fumar-Gurita made with reposado and lime. There’s also an entire selection of gin and tonics, such as the Clearwater made with Tanqueray and the Pride of Houston made with Waterloo Old Yaupon.

The beautiful 1751 Sea and Bar is just a short drive from Tiburon Apartments. You can also enjoy chicken and waffles for a more casual brunch date. Contact us if you’re looking for a new apartment community nearby.

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