Enjoy an Afternoon at the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft

Man placing a clay mug in a kiln

An easy drive from Tiburon Apartments is a unique destination founded to advance education about the history of craft. We’re talking about the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft, and it’s one of the only venues of its kind in the United States. Visitors see the full creative process ranging from how an object is made to […]

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Enjoy a Challenge at These Rock Climbing Gyms in Houston

Woman climbing a tall wall at a rock climbing gym

Are you looking for a full-body workout that’s as fun as it is challenging? If so, then head to one of the local indoor rock climbing gyms in Houston near Tiburon Apartments, where you’ll reach new heights. Texas Rock Gym The Texas Rock Gym strives to make climbing accessible to all Houstonians. The setters constantly change the routes to […]

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Enjoy the Best Potstickers in Houston

Potstickers with duck served with soy sauce and sesame seeds

Did you know that┬ápotstickers┬ádate back to the Song Dynasty (960 to 1280 CE)? According to the stories, a chef started boiling regular dumplings. But he forgot, and the water boiled away. Today, this dish is a favorite around the world. If you would like to give it a try, visit one of these nearby restaurants […]

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