1751 Sea and Bar: A Perfect Spot for Date Night

Enjoy delicious seafood and a gin and tonic at 1751 Sea and Bar.

High-quality seafood, prime meats, and handcrafted cocktails—this sounds like the perfect combination for a great date! A new Houston restaurant called 1751 Sea and Bar offers these enticing specialties. Also, the restaurant is just around the corner from Tiburon Apartments and has a comfortable, modern appeal that your date is sure to appreciate. The Mission […]

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Enjoy the Best Chicken and Waffles in Houston

Enjoy chicken and waffles in Houston at these three must-see restaurants!

The creation of chicken and waffles is somewhat of a mystery. It has origins claimed in Pennsylvania, Harlem, and many southern states. No matter the beginnings, this mouthwatering dish has made its mark on the culinary scene. You can enjoy chicken and waffles for breakfast, lunch, or dinner near Tiburon Apartments. For the best chicken […]

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Spend a Fun Spring Day in Spring, Texas

Enjoy window shopping and exploring the historic downtown in Spring, Texas!

Spring into spring in Spring. Can you say that five times fast? If you’re looking for a fun little day trip, drive less than 30 minutes north of Tiburon Apartments to the town of Spring. Stroll down Main Street in Old Town Spring where you can shop in cute boutiques, learn a new skill, and […]

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